Connect to meaning so you can emerge with centred resilience.

The foundational workshop in our Phoenix-Hearted Woman retreat series, this is a one-day, experiential and intimate retreat.

We are our own biggest obstacles. Like the Phoenix, there's a need to burn through the layers of self to get to the core of your being: a place where you find your unique expression of courage, wisdom and peace.

We bring your focus to the recognition of your essential self. 

  • What no longer serves?

  • Who are you at your core?

  • What are you going to embrace?

This retreat is designed to clear the way for your values, signature strengths and unique perspectives to centre and guide you in your life and leadership.

This unique retreat blends body-mind-spirit practices, yoga asana, pranayama, and leadership coaching structured to nurture your essential self, build courage, and enhance focus.

Who this retreat is for:


You are an intelligent and accomplished woman, yet you have a growing sense of frustration with being expected to follow the grooves laid down by a history that expects you to play by a constricting rulebook.

You also have a deep desire for a more authentic, grounded experience so you can shape your leadership from values, vision, and the unique and powerful perspectives only you, as a woman, can bring. You want to live and lead heart-first with a courage and power rooted in your values.

You are either emerging in your leadership, brimming with ideas and enthusiasm, and ready to be your most powerful self.  Or, perhaps you are mid-career and you want to discover deeper truths about yourself, leverage your unique strengths and re-invigorate your presence as a leader. 

Either way, you want to bring the whole of yourself into how you show up as a leader and desire a retreat that is wholly focused on helping you be a woman who leads like a woman - from inspiration, intuition, interrelation and inclusion.

*This retreat includes yoga practice, so if you are differently abled, please let us know. We will do our best to be inclusive within the parameters of our venue.

Why attend:


Better understand your own strengths, values, emotions and harness them in more powerful ways.

Discover new and deeper truths about yourself.

Show up more grounded, skillful and authentic in your leadership so you better inspire trust in your team.

Develop the foundation that will enhance your confidence.

Develop your resilience with concrete practices to replenish your well of physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual energy.

This is a highly unique leadership development retreat specifically designed around what the research tells us allows women to thrive as leaders. 

What you will find here:


A safe, open and instantly trusting environment.

Develop lasting connections with other inspiring women.

A source of newfound energy and inspiration. 

A supportive community environment for frank and empowering dialogues.

A workbook to capture your self-reflection and inspiration.

Resources to take with you to support you in creating practices for growth, enhanced confidence and resilience.

Things to know: 

Fee:  2019 fees To Be Determined

What to expect: three yoga sessions, coach-led self-reflection and group discussion activities designed to help you recognize what limits you, to shed outworn layers and to embrace your signature strengths.   

What to bring: comfortable clothing suitable for yoga, layered clothing for changes in temperature, water bottle, a sense of adventure.

Mats are provided, but you are welcome to bring your own. 

Where to go: To Be Determined

What you will receive: three to five yoga sessions, a workbook detailing the retreat's journey with space for your own reflections; meals and snacks (please inform us of any allergies or dietary choices);

Who to contact with questions:  contact either Nancy or Delaney.  Our contact details are on our CONNECT page.

*This retreat includes yoga practice, so if you are differently abled, please let us know. We will do our best to be inclusive within the parameters of our venue.

Your facilitators:

Nancy Chenier, RYT-200 Yoga Instructor

The strength and agility of the body and mind are gifts that we carry off the mat and into the world, enabling us to face life’s challenges–be they great or mundane–with steadiness and ease. My hope is to nurture those gifts on the mat with mindfulness as well as a sense of joy. Having studied with some incredible teachers in Canada and abroad, I’m honored to be able to share the practice with others.

Delaney Tosh, PCC, CPCC

My desire is a world fundamentally changed by the contributions, voices and participation of women who are living and leading from their essential, most powerful selves.

My sixteen years experience coaching leaders, leadership teams and business owners, supporting them in leadership development, strategic planning, business development and team productivity has made one thing clear to me: that women continue to come under intense pressure and scrutiny when they take the lead. Frustrated by witnessing brilliant women playing down their brilliance to fit in and not stepping wholly into their power authentically, I have evolved my work to focus solely on coaching women of vision; women who wish to lead from their whole selves with confidence and the savvy to navigate the challenges they face.

What we believe:


It is not BS that women's brains are wired differently than men's - the research is in and it overwhelmingly outlines these differences.

However, what the research also shows is that these differences are women's superpowers, or could be, so long as we know how to harness them.

It is critical that the inspiration that is inherent in how women think and operate emerges as a paradigm shift to the concept of leadership.

Women do leadership differently.  This matters. 

Women who lead like women - from inspiration, intuition, interrelation and inclusion - will be our change agents, co-creating a more positive and inclusive world. 



Recognize Leadership Retreat

We held our inaugural retreat in October 2018 and 70% of the participants signed up for the second retreat (Revitalize) in the series! Wow!

Our next Recognize Retreat
will take place Autumn 2019.   


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