You are now centred in your truth, but to express it you need to find your voice and know how to use it.

What is the most effective way to authentically speak your truth?

What has you shrink back or hesitate?

How do you navigate the gender stuff that gets in your way?

How do you quickly and powerfully engage others in your vision, your wildly awesome ideas, your wisdom?

This retreat is your place to take a deep dive into your capacity to be heard and courageously engage and inspire others so you can transform your ideas into actions, your wisdom into impact, your dreams into legacy.  

Through coaching dialogues and yoga journeys, we will explore what it is to be Phoenix-Hearted and spark a revolution.

The Essence of the Retreat

This unique all-inclusive leadership development retreat blends body-mind-spirit practices, yoga asana, pranayama, and leadership coaching specifically incorporating what the research and neuroscience tells us has women thrive as leaders.

At this retreat you will engage with a supportive community environment for frank and empowering dialogues designed so you will:

  • Understand the dynamics of speaking to engage and transform

  • Deepen your connection to your values, passion, purpose and authenticity

  • Learn tips to manage your inner critic, imposter syndrome and anxiety

  • Enhance your leadership capacity to engage, inspire and transform through your communication and presence

  • Deepen your embodiment of the learning through focused yoga sessions

What’s Included

  • Meals and snacks (1 dinner, 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, plus snacks)

  • A workbook brimming with self-reflection exercises, resources, and extras for enhancing your leadership presence

  • Lots of follow-up resources delivered straight to your inbox so you can keep the learning alive

  • Time outdoors, connection with nature

  • Opportunities to create lasting connections with vibrant, inspiring women

  • Innovative approaches to your yoga practice that deepen the learning through somatic experience

  • Group discussion, group coaching, free-writing and self-reflection

  • Guided Mindfulness practices to rewire the amygdala and pre-frontal cortex to support your optimal performance

  • Membership in our exclusive Phoenix-Hearted Woman Retreats community giving you access to further resources

  • Discounts on future retreats in the series - Recognize, Revitalize, Radiate

Do You Have Questions? Contact either Nancy or Delaney. Click here for our contact information.

Program Overview

We allow for flexibility, but the general flow of the day will include:

Saturday, August 17th

3:00pm - 3:30pm: Arrival yoga and welcome
3:30pm - 5:30pm: Discussion & self-reflection exercise
5:30pm - 6:30pm: Dinner & Introductions
6:30pm - 7:30pm: Evening session
7:30pm - 9:00pm: Yoga program & mindfulness

Sunday, August 18th

7:30am - 8:40am: Morning mindfulness & yoga
8:45am - 9:15am: Breakfast
9:15am - 12:15pm: Morning Session & yoga practice
12:15pm - 1:15pm: Lunch
1:15pm - 4:00pm: Afternoon session & yoga practice
4:00pm – 5:30pm: Closing integration with yoga 

Why Attend


Transform how you communicate so you better engage people in your purpose and inspire the best in your team.

Learn to clarify your message from the context of what you are being called forth to do as a leader.

Clear the path so you can powerfully embrace your authenticity and convey your message in ways that transform.

Learn techniques to combat imposter syndrome, your inner critic and public speaking anxiety.

This is a highly unique leadership development retreat specifically designed around what the leadership research and neuroscience tells us helps women to thrive as leaders.

And when we say 'leader' we take that to mean whatever it means to you, be it leading a new direction in your life, leading in an organization, leading as an entrepreneur, leading in a way that has a bigger impact in the world. Whatever it is, you want to have a clear and strong voice and to be able to engage people in your vision.

Who This Retreat Is For


It's your time.  You are ready to be heard; to have a clear and resounding voice at the table; to turn your vision into reality.

You know you are unique.  You know you can achieve great things and you know that playing by your own rules is how you will boldly live into your leadership. 

You are ready to roar!

This retreat is for women who:

  • Desire a retreat that takes a holistic and evidence-based approach to leadership development specifically for the female leader

  • Want to feel fully confident in their power to engage their team, their audience and/or their superiors in their ideas, direction and vision

  • Want expand their self-awareness of how they are showing up

  • Want to be as engaging as possible so their brilliance can shine

  • Want to inspire others into their own greatness

  • Are intelligent and accomplished yet have a growing sense of frustration with being expected to follow the grooves laid down by a history that expects them to play by a constricting rulebook

  • Are either emerging leaders brimming with enthusiasm and ready to be their most powerful selves, or mid-career leaders wanting to leverage unique strengths and reinvigorate their presence as leaders

*This retreat includes yoga practice, so if you are differently abled, please let us know in advance. We will do our best to be inclusive within the parameters of our venue.

What You Will Find Here

An open and supportive environment for purposeful time for self-reflection, yoga, inspiration, discovery and growth.

Things To Know

Fees: Retreat fees are dependent on your choice to stay at the retreat centre and/or if you are a PHW Member.

"With Accommodation": $447.00 - includes shared accommodation, yoga, all meals and snacks, and workbook

"No Accommodation": $367.00 - includes yoga, all meals and snacks, and workbook

**Phoenix-Hearted Woman Members (previous 2018/19 retreat attendees) receive a 15% discount on the above fees - please contact us for your discount code to enter at registration (or check your emails from PHW!)

Accommodation: Wisteria Acres Retreat Centre offers shared accommodation, which entails two people per room, each room having two comfortable single beds. Washroom facilities are shared. Alternative accommodation options are available - please inquire.

What to expect:
Several yoga sessions interspersed with coach-led self-reflection and group discussion activities—all designed to help you identify what has you show up as authentic and radiate as the leader you know you can be.

Meals and snacks will be provided and include dinner on the Saturday evening, breakfast and lunch and energy snacks on Sunday. Meals are vegan/vegetarian and include gluten-free options. Please advise us if you have dietary restrictions.

*This retreat includes yoga practice, so if you are differently abled or have medical challenges, please let us know. We will do our best to be inclusive within the parameters of our venue.

Please be aware: Wisteria Acres Wellness & Retreats Centre is an entirely non-smoking/non-vaping environment. Guests are asked to smoke off the property.

What to bring: Comfortable clothing suitable for yoga, layered clothing for changes in temperature, water bottle, outdoor gear (walking shoes, rain coat) for outdoor self-reflection time, your overnight kit (pyjamas, toiletries and change of clothes) and a sense of adventure.

Yoga mats and blankets are provided, but you are welcome to bring your own and whatever else will have you feel comfortable.

Where to go: Wisteria Acres Retreat Centre, 8648 Armstrong Road, Langley, BC.

Just east of Vancouver located close to Fort Langley, Wisteria Acres offers a tranquil space for small-group retreats. Imagine being bathed in the tranquility of Mother Nature--nestled amongst old growth cedars that seem to impart an ancient wisdom and an invitation to sit awhile in quiet reflection. The delightfully restored farmhouse offers a country-chic charm and the warmth of home. Acres of private lush green space with gardens offer a vivid display of colour, and are shared with a very special herd of horses who offer a quiet strength and grounding presence.


What you will receive: Group coaching/discussions, four to five yoga sessions, self-reflection exercises, a workbook detailing the retreat’s journey with space for your own reflections, and nourishing seasonal meals and snacks (please inform us of any allergies or dietary preferences), and follow-up resources to add to and continue your learning.

About the refund policy: If you cancel your participation in the retreat for any reason, the cancellation policy below will apply, with no exceptions. We wish we could compensate people for unforeseen circumstances (injury, family emergency, etc.), but we have costs already incurred when reserving retreat centres. We have designed our cancellation policy to be as compassionate as possible in the case that your plans change. However, to protect yourself further, we strongly encourage you to purchase travel insurance that covers pre-paid packages. Otherwise, there is the option for you to find someone who would love to attend in your place.

If you cancel the registration: your registration is refundable minus a 20% administrative fee up to 30 days prior to the retreat. No refunds after July 18, 2019. If you find you are unable to attend during the no-refund period, please contact the facilitators by email so we can discuss alternative options, such as transferring your registration to another person.

Who to contact with questions: Contact either Nancy or Delaney. Click here for our contact information.

About The Facilitators

Nancy Chenier, RYT-200 Yoga Instructor

The strength and agility of the body and mind are gifts that we carry off the mat and into the world, enabling us to face life’s challenges–be they great or mundane–with steadiness and ease. My hope is to nurture those gifts on the mat with mindfulness as well as a sense of fun. We can intellectualize what a state of joyful mindfulness might be for us, but until we really feel it in our beings, it's difficult to live it. Yoga and meditation offers us a space to connect with our genuine selves and to practice existing within our own peace, wisdom, and joy.

Having studied yoga and meditation (Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Kundalini) and trained with some incredible teachers in Canada and abroad, I’m honoured to be able to share the practice with others.

Delaney Tosh, PCC, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

My desire is a world fundamentally changed by the contributions, voices and participation of women who are living and leading by their own rules. My sixteen years of experience coaching leaders, leadership teams and business owners, supporting them in leadership development, strategic planning, business development and team productivity, has made one thing clear to me: that women continue to come under intense pressure and scrutiny when they take the lead.

Frustrated by witnessing brilliant women playing down their differences to fit in, playing small and not stepping wholly and authentically into their power, I have evolved my work to focus solely on coaching women of vision, women who wish to lead from their whole selves with confidence and the savvy to navigate the challenges they face.



Roar Leadership Retreat

August 17-18, 2019

Registration is now open and space is limited to allow for an intimate and highly engaging learning environment.


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