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The Phoenix-Hearted workshops, e-courses and immersive retreats are uniquely designed for the woman+ who wants to bring the whole of herself/themself into how she/they shows up as a leader and who desires leadership learning that is wholly focused on helping her be a woman+ who leads like a woman - from inspiration, intuition, interrelation and inclusion.

Our approach provides you the tools to live and lead heart-first with a courage and power rooted deeply in values and purpose.

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Love from our community of Phoenix-Hearted Women

Delaney Tosh

“My biggest take-aways from the Roar Retreat are:
-That we have a voice and an impact on the world.
-That being honest to myself and expecting that honesty in return is deeply important.
My favourite aspects of the retreat were the wonderful food, the yoga and the great coaching workshops with pertinent information....and my discovery of the blackberries!”

Sales Representative/Territory Manager

Delaney Tosh

“The yoga! The food! The guided self-reflection!
All these aspects of the retreat led me to some big Aha’s, particularly that our core values can conflict, so how we put our values into action needs regular attention. Also, that I can use the ‘heart-centred’ approach everywhere.”

CEO, New Earth Marketing

Delaney Tosh

“What I loved about this retreat was the attention to details. The discussions included excellent coaching questions to fuel self-reflection and were balanced with nurturing yoga sessions. The food was nourishing and everything was well thought out and the supporting information was well-researched. My biggest take-away was that I can live daily in my values and still ‘get things done.”

Vice Principal




An Infusion of Yoga &
Leadership Coaching

Research informs us that for female leaders to thrive they must be
connected to meaning, manage their energy and develop themselves
in four key leadership capabilities. When women take a more
heart-centred approach to their leadership the result is enhanced
presence, resilience, confidence and Influence.

We have created a whole new model of leadership retreat for
women+ - one inspired by the wisdom of yoga, the wisdom in our
bodies and the wisdom of the co-active coaching model which values
connection, intimacy, self-awareness, listening deeply to ourselves,
nurturing ourselves, while also listening deeply to and nurturing the
best in others.

Women have a different capacity for developing and nurturing their
own wisdom and confidence and we've designed our retreats to harness
that capacity so women can truly radiate and roar as leaders.


In keeping with the solar rhythm, we designed the Phoenix-Hearted retreats to correspond with the seasons. Life is a series of glorious cycles. the layers of identity we accumulate over time don't have to lock us into place forever. We get to choose. In a more natural state, we move to a cyclical rhythm, a fiery dance of surrender and renewal. We are Phoenix-Hearted.

Recognize Retreat (Autumn)
This retreat is designed to clear the way for your values, signature strengths and unique perspectives--all to centre and guide you in your life and leadership.

Revitalize Retreat (Winter)
This retreat has you dig deeper into what supports your resilience and what holds you back. Take ownership of your inner strength so you can engage in your work and life with resilient agility.

Radiate Retreat (Spring)
At this retreat you will explore what has you radiate with confidence. Learn practical strategies to help you harness your innate leadership superpowers, radiate authentic presence.

Roar Retreat (Summer)
This retreat is your place to fully embrace your capacity to be heard, and courageously engage and inspire others so you can transform your ideas into actions, your wisdom into impact, your dreams into legacy.

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The Phoenix-Hearted Woman retreat series helps women to live and lead heart-first, with courage and power rooted in a values-based connection to meaning.

We know that women+ who are deeply connected to what is most meaningful thrive as leaders. This is why the Phoenix-Hearted series unifies leadership coaching with yoga and brings the focus to mind-body practice and the development of personal tools that women can leverage to manage energy, minimize depletion and stay grounded in their essential selves.

Lead from your most powerful self.

Yes, we meant to type "women+".  Spelling women with a plus sign highlights that women+ is inclusive of the different identities pertaining to gender. Hence, women+ includes cis women, trans women, gender fluid people, femmes and more. It's inclusive and expansive. It is open to adaptation. We thrive together by being flexible, inclusive and by fostering collaboration and growth. The historical narratives of women are simply stories that can be reimagined and rewritten. We can tell new stories. What becomes possible when we adopt a perspective of yes, and...?

*While we might not include "+" in all our content, please trust that the intent is there.