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Phoenix-Hearted Woman
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Phoenix-Hearted Woman



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Autumn 2019

Connect to meaning so you can emerge with centred resilience.

The foundational workshop in our Phoenix-Hearted Woman retreat series. Like the Phoenix, burn through layers of self to get to the core of your being: a place where you find your unique expression of courage, wisdom and peace.

We bring your focus to the recognition of your essential self.  What no longer serves? Who are you at your core? This retreat is designed to clear the way for your values, signature strengths and unique perspectives--all to centre and guide you in your life and leadership.

Winter 2020

Take ownership of your inner strength. Enhance and maintain your resilience.

The demanding nature of many women's lives and professional roles can leave us more vulnerable to overwhelm and burnout. 

Building on your foundation of your essential self, this retreat has you dig deeper into what holds you back, so you can stand in your power and better engage in the world with agility and a sense of confidence.  We explore how you can regain and maintain your sense of calm, clarity, kindness, and invite practices that will have you emerge centred, confident and energized.

Spring 2020

Own your space and radiate presence!

Women face unique challenges as leaders. The most pervasive being unconscious bias, imposter syndrome and the double-bind paradox.

How can you effectively navigate and side step these hurdles with agility and aplomb so you can own your space?

This retreat is all about what has you radiate with confidence. Explore practical strategies to help you harness your innate leadership superpowers, radiate authentic presence, inspire others and engender trust in your vision.

August 2019

Be heard! Create positive difference in the world.

You are centred in your truth, but to express it you need to find your voice and know how to use it.

How do you quickly and powerfully engage others in your vision, your wildly awesome ideas, your wisdom?

This retreat is your place to fully embrace your capacity to be heard, and courageously engage and inspire others so you can transform your ideas into actions, your wisdom into impact, your dreams into legacy.  


An Infusion of Yoga & Leadership Coaching

Research informs us that for female leaders to thrive they must be connected to meaning, manage their energy and develop themselves in four key leadership capabilities. When women take a more heart-centred approach to their leadership the result is enhanced presence, resilience, confidence and Influence.

We have created a whole new model of leadership retreat for women - one inspired by the wisdom of yoga, the wisdom in our bodies and the wisdom of the co-active coaching model which values connection, intimacy, self-awareness, listening deeply to ourselves, nurturing ourselves, while also listening deeply to and nurturing the best in others. 
Women have a different capacity for developing and nurturing their own wisdom and confidence and we've designed our retreats to harness that capacity so women can truly radiate and roar as leaders.



The Phoenix-Hearted Retreats are uniquely designed for the woman who wants to bring the whole of herself into how she shows up as a leader and who desires a leadership retreat that is wholly focused on helping her be a woman who leads like a woman - from inspiration, intuition, interrelation and inclusion.

Our retreats give you the tools to live and lead heart-first with a courage and power rooted deeply in values and purpose.


What is it to be a Phoenix-Hearted Woman?

To be Phoenix-Hearted is to be someone who has the courage to stand in her power and the wisdom to know how to direct that power.

Having shed what no longer serves she: 

  • Embraces her signature strengths

  • Owns her space

  • Lives a meaning-FULL life

  • Leads from purpose

  • Has a resonant vision

  • Leads heart-first - from compassion, intuition, inclusion



Immersive Retreats

Transform the way you lead. Deepen the well of your resilience. Stand in your confidence.

Rooted in up-to-date leadership development research, neuroscience and the co-active coaching model, our immersive destination retreats are highly experiential with space for deep self-reflection balanced with dynamic group dialogue and all is infused with regenerative and resiliency-building yoga and mindfulness practice.  Here you will be championed to really embrace your core capacities and build on your natural strengths as a leader.  


Spring 2020 - 4-day residency retreat - Vancouver Island

Winter 2021 - 7-day travel retreat - Costa Rica


Join Us At A Retreat

The Phoenix-Hearted Woman retreat series helps women to live and lead heart-first, with courage and power rooted in a values-based connection to meaning. 

We know that women who are deeply connected to what is most meaningful thrive as leaders. This is why the Phoenix-Hearted series unifies leadership coaching with yoga and brings the focus to mind-body practice and the development of personal tools that women can leverage to manage energy, minimize depletion and stay grounded in their essential selves. 

Lead from your most powerful self.




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