To Recognize Yourself

As Nancy and I began the creative journey of collaborating and developing these leadership retreats for women, I found myself looking back over my life and my post university career path. 

In part, this looking back was to gather more wisdom from my personal journey to see how it could inform our retreat development and the work I now do coaching women in leadership. 

This looking back has also served as a reckoning, a re-reckoning actually, with what I know to be true yet deny myself time and again – that my passion and creativity live in the realm of the feminine and the integrative; that I lose confidence, my sense of flow and joy, when I approach my work from the rules I was taught through media, school and my early corporate experiences. 

It is always, ALWAYS, when I come back to my essential self – that of the playful, spiritual, quirky woman who has a childlike wonder with the world and a fascination with its people, that I come to recognize myself again. I more clearly sense my passions and how I can best bring my unique gifts into being and be of real service to others.

Working on Phoenix-Hearted Woman with Nancy has really grounded me in this space of my feminine creative resourcefulness and I find myself more easily recovering my sense of wonder and what it is to live and lead from my essence.

And so, it is in this looking back and examining of my self and my path with its misadventures and successes that I recognize that the journey is always the journey – that there are ebbs and flows and cycles. And that in order to roar, to claim and use my brilliance:

  • I need to pause, take stock and reckon with how I'm showing up and what I'm choosing to believe and how this drives my approach to life and work.
  • I need to nourish my heart, my spirit and my inner wise woman so I can stay afloat during the ebbs of life and the challenges that may come my way so I can better evaluate what it is to enjoy a life of vitality.
  • And most of all I need to embrace what it is to be radiant now, to live louder and more boldly from my purpose at this stage of my journey. 

And if you were to ask me what that looks like now I would tell you that in embracing my radiance, I am letting so much more of my whole self shine forth – other people's judgments be damned. I am embracing the vulnerability inherent in doing this and I am embracing my trusting heart and the wonder of not knowing. To do this I am shedding my worries, doubts and perfectionism knowing that I don't need to be perfect when I am engaging in the magic of co-creation with Nancy, with our retreat participants, with other women, with my clients.   

And you know what?  It feels so good.