What is it to be Phoenix-Hearted and Spark a Revolution?


Hello!  We are Nancy Chenier and Delaney Tosh.

We met at a retreat and in the first paragraph of our conversation declared that together we would design yoga inspired leadership retreats for women.  In the next paragraph of that conversation we had the essence of these retreats verbalized. 

And it all made sense.

We realized we shared a belief that for women to expand their voices and have full confidence in their leadership, would require their mentorship, coaching and training be infused with the recognition that women think, operate and lead differently than what the current paradigm and outdated patriarchal style of leadership training holds up as our guide.  We know that when women are encouraged to be more like men in order to lead they cannot lead authentically and the diversity of ideas and wisdom women could bring to the table gets lost.  

We know that recent research is unearthing the wisdom that women really thrive as leaders when they have a deep connection to meaning, when they can lean into their intuition, when they operate from deeply held values, when they take a collaborative and co-creative approach.  

Knowing that woman possess different superpowers than men do, we have created a whole new model of leadership retreat for women - one inspired by the wisdom of yoga, the wisdom in our bodies and the wisdom of the co-active coaching model which values real connection, intimacy, self-awareness, listening deeply to ourselves, and nurturing ourselves, while listening deeply to and nurturing the best in others. 

Our model is a journey which supports women in the nuanced re-discovery of the values, strengths and wisdom that inform and inspire us, the practices that restore us, and the actions that give our lives fulfilling meaning.

We know that when women abide in their true nature they lead authentically and powerfully. 

Our vision?

That women rise and transform the way we live, lead and leave legacy. 

Women are agents of positive change and we want women to RADIATE and ROAR with confidence! 



About Nancy Chenier: 

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” —Bhagavad Gita.

As an instructor, I treat each class as a journey that we’re embarking on together. Whether you regard yoga as the consummate tool for self-care (because it is), or as an essential part of your life. Although I may look for ways to assist along the way, ultimately, you are the one taking the steps.

The word "yoga" shares a cognate with the word "yoke, union". The idea is that yoga allow us the foundational connection with the body (at least). Once we can settle ourselves into the here and now of our bodies, then we can navigate through the layered terrain of the mind with the goal of union with the compassionate and joyful genuine self. 

To that end, I bring asana (yoga poses), pranayama (mindful breathing), and accessible mediation to assist in forging (and reforging) that connection to the self.

Nancy is a Certified RYT-200 Yoga Instructor, specializing in vinyasa, hatha, yin, and aerial.

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About Delaney Tosh:  

My desire is a world fundamentally changed by the contributions, voices and participation of women who are living and leading by their own rules.

My sixteen years experience coaching leaders, leadership teams and business owners, supporting them in leadership development, strategic planning, business development and team productivity has made one thing clear to me - that women continue to come under intense pressure and scrutiny when they take the lead. Frustrated by witnessing brilliant women playing down their differences to fit in, playing small and not stepping wholly into their power authentically, I have evolved my work to focus solely on coaching women of vision, women who wish to lead from their whole selves with confidence and the savvy to navigate the challenges they face.

Delaney is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CTI) and a Professional Credentialed Coach (ICF)

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